Create document

  1. Open the Documents section.

  2. Click New button in lower right and select Document.

  3. In the opened window, in the Search field, start entering the name of the template, which you want to create a document.

  4. Only those templates that contain the entered symbols will remain in the list. Select a template from the list.

  5. The page for working with the document is open. To form a document answer the questions in the sidebar. Answer-based constructor will automatically generate the text of the document.

  6. Fill in the fields in the document. To do this, go to the Fields tab on the sidebar and fill in the list of fields.

Create document

The document will be saved in the Documents section with all completed data.

Cells marked in red are required for filling. If the specified fields are not completed, will not allow downloading the document.

Required fields in the document remembers all the values ​​that you enter. When will you compose a document using the same template a second time, will suggest the previously entered values.

Select previously entered values

The name of the document depends on the settings specified in the template. More details see Why the document is named that way.