Restore a previous version of a document

You can view the history of document changes and restore one of previous versions. A document version is created when adding a multirow, filling in a field, or answering a question.

View changes

To view the changes, open the History tab of the template page. If you are working with a package of documents, open the required document in the list and open the History tab.

A list of versions from late to early opens in the sidebar of the tab. In the list both changes are recorded through the interface and through the API. To view the version select it from the list.

Restore document version

To restore a version of a document: . Open the History tab of the document page. . Select a version from the sidebar list. . Click the Restore button on the upper right (the button is not displayed for the latest version of the document).

image::history_of_doc.gif [Document recovery]

A new latest version of the document will be created based on the one selected in the list. Full document data is restoring (questions and their answers, fields and their values, including dynamic list strings). If the version is restored of the document as part of the package, the overlapping fields/questions are updated in the rest package documents.

When copying a document, the revision history is not copied.