Rename document

You can change the name of the document on the main page of the section or directly while working with the document.

In the list of documents

  1. Select the document you want to rename.

  2. Press Menu on the right.

  3. Select Rename.

  4. The name of the selected document is highlighted in color. Place the cursor on the line with the name and enter a new one.

  5. Click outside the selection area to save your changes.

Rename a document in the document list

On the page for working with a document

  1. Open the Settings tab.

  2. Click in the Name field.

  3. Change the name.

  4. Click outside the field to save your changes.

Renaming a document when working with a document

You can automatically customize titles for all documents generated from a template. Read more: Generate document titles from a template.