Version 1.24.0. October 2021


Now blank pages will not appear in the document when viewed and printed. If the template is split into several pages and you hide the text from the whole page of the document by answering the questions, the blank page will be hidden.


Now you do not need to publish and create new documents to see how the document will look according to your template. We have added the ability to preview the form for working with a template. In the preview, all the same functions work as when forming a document: answers to questions, fields, metadata, tags, counters, etc.

Headers and footers

To improve the stability of, we have improved the headers and footers. Now:

  • to edit headers and footers, double-click in the header / footer area;

  • in the edit mode, only one section (top / bottom) is being edited at a time - to go to another, click once in its area;

  • in the edit mode, headers and footers are separated from the body of the document by a strip with the name the label: header or footer;

  • to exit the edit mode click once outside the header area;

  • all changes, incl. adding conditions, fields, blocks, tags, etc., are saved in headers and footers after exiting the edit mode;

  • if you have closed the browser tab or went to another section, the changes will be saved;

  • undo and redo actions work in headers and footers in edit mode and after exiting the mode;

  • a field or block can be dragged into the header if it is in edit mode;

  • you can select the text in the header and footer only after switching to editing the header and footer. When you select text in the work area, the content inside the headers and footers is not selected;

  • copying styles from headers and footers to the stage and back does not work.

Bugs and fixes

  • We have fixed the synchronization of users from different subdomains when authorizing through Active Directory.

  • We have fixed a bug when working with the QR field in the table.

  • We have fixed a bug of cancel in multi-section headers and footers.