Version 1.22.0. June 2021



We have fixed the Publish button in the template. Now, after publishing a template, it immediately becomes inactive.

The package is published immediately now, if you:

  • copy it from the published package;

  • create a package based on published templates, even if it contains several unpublished ones.


  • Now, if you delete a part of a paragraph with an added condition, the condition itself is not deleted.

  • But if you add a page break to all the text under the condition, the condition will be removed.

  • The condition is now removed from the condition group in the sidebar if the сreation is canceled (Redo).

  • Now, when you select any content in the template, the Show Condition button is displayed in the sidebar.


  • Now, if in the headers and footers you delete a table cell and a field in it, the field will be removed from the list in the sidebar.

  • We have fixed the work of the calendar when filling in the Date type field for 2020-2021.

  • We have fixed the work of the Select field.

  • Now the field editor in Internet Explorer opens by the first click in the field.

  • We have improved the display of a field name in the field list in Internet Explorer. If the title is long, it wraps across multiple lines.

  • [API] We have fixed the error of transferring data using the Put and Post methods in a request with a filled-in Value parameter for the Formula type field.


  • We have fixed a bug with opening a block menu after selecting its content in Internet Explorer.

Text editor

  • Undo and Redo with template text now work correctly in Internet Explorer.

  • We have fixed the problem with setting the cursor in the table row.

  • We have fixed a bug that occurred when pasting text, adjusting indents and then undoing an action.

  • We have improved putting on paragraph font to list bullets.

  • We have fixed the selection of template content using Ctrl + A.

  • Internet Explorer no longer displays gray borders around content.

Document Name Template

  • Internet Explorer no longer displays the list of tags for the Package Naming Rule field setting when opening or creating a template.

  • We have improved the search by tags in the Document Name Template setting.

  • We have fixed a typing bug in the Document Name Template field in Safari.


  • Now, if you try to download a package with empty required fields, you will see an error message.

  • We have fixed the display of the number 0.00 when rounding a negative number.

  • We have improved the MS World plugin. An empty cell is displayed in the downloaded document in place of an empty input field in the table in the downloaded document.

  • We have improved the display of the table when filling in Mozilla FireFox.

  • Now cells of imbedded tables are adjusted to fit the images in Internet Explorer.

  • Now moving with the Down and Up keys in the list with empty items is correct.


  • We have fixed the bug of passing field names through a variable in the script. Now the variable is passed with a postfix.