Version 1.23.0. July 2021


Now you don’t miss a multi-row in a table. The multi-row symbol has become more prominent and displays in all nested tables.

Bugs and fixes

  • Now you can install the add-in for Microsoft Word without any problems. We have fixed the link to install the add-in in

  • Now you won’t be able to accidentally upload a template to a remote folder. We have fixed this bug.

  • Now your formulas won’t get lost in documents. If a formula contains two characters (for example, 1 ** 2), then a message about an invalid formula will be displayed in its place in the document: #VALUE!

  • You can enter large text into the QR code value now - we have fixed the bug.

  • Now the headers and footers that you edit are displayed on every page of the template.

  • We have fixed an issue with multilevel numbered lists. Now complex lists look nice - there is only one space between the number and the text.

  • Strikethrough now applies to the entire item in a numbered or bulleted list, including the number or bullet itself.

  • Now, after resizing the table, actions are canceled correctly.

  • Now you can work with complex tables without any problems. The height of the merged cells changes correctly.

  • We have fixed a bug with creating a tag. Now the tag is created automatically when you add it in the template naming rule.

  • Now the template package editing form is closed immediately after you save the changes.

  • We have corrected the field name with the block creation date. The field is now called Created.

  • Don’t avoid downloading documents with embedded tables to PDF. We removed the offset of tables relative to the text, and also corrected the display of merged cells.

  • [API Version 3] Now the request for copying documents and a package of documents created by an automatic script is processed correctly.

  • [API Version 3] We have made it easier to create a document through the API. Now, if you accidentally add a space before or after the body text in an answer to a question, it will still be selected when filling out the document.

  • [API Versions 1 and 2] We have fixed server responses about errors in requests with the UUID of the document package / template package.

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