Edit profile

  1. Click Menu button to the right of your name in the main menu.

  2. Select Profile.

The user profile is open.

Edit Profile

The Main block contains the user’s e-mail and the role assigned by the administrator. This data is not available for modification.

In the Language field, you can change the language of the personal account interface. See more: How to change the language in Doc.one.

In the second line, you can edit the information about the user:

  • Name - username

  • Patronymic - patronymic of the user

  • Surname - the surname of the user

  • Initials - the initials of the user

In the Password block, you can change the password for entering Doc.one. See more: Change password.

To apply the settings, click Save button on the lower right. The changes made in all blocks will be saved.

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