Template blocks

Create a type block

The creation of a typical block is available from the library and directly in the template. For more information on creating a type block in a library, see Creating a type block.

To save the text block to the library while preparing the template:
  1. Select the required part of the document or enter the text that you plan to use in the future.

  2. Click the Create block button on the toolbar at the top of the page.

  3. In the pop-up window, enter the name of the block in the Name field and click the Create button.

A piece of text, including all conditions and input fields that it contains, will be saved in the Blocks section and will be available for adding to other templates.

image::create_block_templ.gif [Block creation]

After transforming a fragment of a document into a type block, it will not be available for editing in the template. Editing is available only in the Blocks section.
If the library block contains data entry fields, they are displayed in the general list of template fields. In this case, the user does not have the ability to edit the settings of the field contained in the block and delete this field from the block. After transforming the text into a library block, the function of adding fields becomes unavailable.

Add block from library to template

  1. In the sidebar on the right, open the Library tab.

  2. Select the required block from the list and drag it to the template.

Adding a block from a library to a template

If you change the type block in the library, then the changes are displayed in all templates, to which the block is added. If you need to avoid such changes, disconnect the block’s link to the library.

For this:
  1. Open the section Templates. Select the folder and the template you want.

  2. Click in the block area in the template text.

  3. The sidebar displays information about the block. Click Menu button on the upper right.

  4. Select Unpin.

The block text will become editable. Its changes will not be reflected on other templates where the same block was added. If the block is changed in the library, it will not appear in this text.

Detach a block