How to set new documents title

The names of the documents that will be created on the basis of the template are specified in the template settings. By default, the name of the document is the serial number of the document + the name of the template.

To change the name of new documents, change the template settings:
  1. Open the section Templates. Select the folder and the template you want.

  2. Go to the Settings tab.

  3. The Rules for naming documents field displays the document metadata (tags) that are used in the title. Click in the field. A drop-down list with file metadata is open. Select tags and set their sequence:

    • Author - the user who created the document

    • Creation date - document creation date

    • Creation time - document creation time

    • Counter - serial number of the document created on the basis of the template

    • Title - the name of the template on the basis of which the document was created

  4. To delete a selected tag, click to the right or left of the tag and press the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard.

  5. You can add additional symbols and punctuation marks to the title. To do this, enter them on the tag line.

Automatic naming of new documents

Title display format settings are saved automatically and applied to new documents. The View field on the upper right shows an example of the name of a document according to a given template.

Applying auto naming