Version 11

Decimal option for “Number” field

  • When creating a field, you now have 2 options for Numbers:
    • Integer - lists number in simple format (e.g. 12345)
    • Fraction - lists numbers in decimal format (e.g. 123.45)
  • You can change the decimal format from period and comma under the Settings section.

Hints for Fields

  • When creating a new field, you can now include a hint which will show up while filling out the document

Support of PDF Templates

  • You can now upload PDF templates for official government forms and other pdf templates.
  • will automatically read and recognize the fields and the checkboxes in the pdf template, and it will automatically create all corresponding fields for them in the system.
  • The name of the fields will be the same as the ID/name used in the pdf template by the creators. We added the ability for you to change the name of the automatically added fields.


Using images in Templates

  • You can now insert images when creating templates. Images will retain their size & format when a document is created.

Document Naming Convention

  • You can now create auto document naming conventions using the following tokens:
    • Document title
    • Document counter
    • Document author
    • Document creation date
    • Document creation time


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